Peter Nestler - Journalist, politician, director of the  „Berliner Künstlerprogramms“ of DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst)

"At a time when mass tourism and international exchange of labour has brought about a new migration wave, international exchange of ideas and experience is more then ever before necessary for the furtherance of tolerance and understanding between nations. This particularly applies to the cultural world. The Artists-in-Berlin program attempts to contribute to this movement.


For some of the young artists, Berlin is the starting point of an international career. Without doubt Alexis Akrithakis can be numbered among them. Of course, his exceptional talent, along with his obsession for painting, would have been conspicuous anywhere. Berlin does not claim to be the cause of his success. But perhaps it has after all, through both stimulation and opposition, moulded his style and personality. This thought justifies our wish to exhibit in the painter's own country works which he has done under very different geogrfical, political and cultural background. Visitors to this exhibition will judge for themselves if and in what way his temporary home is reflected in his pictures."

Excerpt from the Alexis Akrithakis exhibition catalogue at the gallery Zoumboulakis, Athens, 1971