Denys Zacharopoulos - art historian, art critic, curator and museum director

 Diversity within the whirlpool of repetition

"Gesture, that with strained nerve, ceaselessly fills square kilometers of paper, canvas and wood. Tracks, footprints of the wild beast on the ground, the ground a common space of carnal union, a clearing, a passage - and we the hunters following the track, trailing the beast: beast, meaning.

Kostas Tachtsis - author

Akrithakis suitcase
"In the beginning was the "tsiki-tsiki". A child very seriously smudging papers. He is painting toys: an airplane, a boat, the giant wheel of a luna-park. Lights flashing. The wooden horse neighs. The clicking of a ratchet sounds - and everything explodes in the air. Then Alexis takes a suitcase and wonders around the four points of the horizon to find the remains.


Nanos Valaoritis - poet, writer

The spiral mane of a moon that tried, and failed, to become a man – coloured intestines, entomology, the letter 4, the number Omega, question marks, bugs, hearts in sizes and colours, arrows, plants, human figures with fires and suns, a cross or hammer and sickle – it’s all the same – thistles like worms inside fruit.

Christos M. Joachimides - art historian, curator


"An explosive cheerfulness streams from the images of Alexis Akrithakis.
It is contagious, it invites you to participate - to play on a tumbling meadow, to enter the colorful Lunapark, whose bright lights illuminate every passion.

Peter Nestler - Journalist, politician, director of the  „Berliner Künstlerprogramms“ of DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst)

"At a time when mass tourism and international exchange of labour has brought about a new migration wave, international exchange of ideas and experience is more then ever before necessary for the furtherance of tolerance and understanding between nations. This particularly applies to the cultural world. The Artists-in-Berlin program attempts to contribute to this movement.